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Display Advertising and Retargeting

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Display advertising is a type of online advertising which uses elements such as images, audio, and video to communicate an advertising message. Display advertising is a versatile and powerful channel as it leaves an impression of your visual ads in the minds of your customers long after they have exited your web page.

Display Advertising & Retargeting

Along with display advertising, we also recommend the use of retargeting. Retargeting is a behavioral targeting service that uses a tracking cookie that is placed on a user’s computer when they visit your site. If the individual leaves your website without taking any action, upon visiting other major websites within that network, they see display ads for your company. Your company’s ads essentially follow the user around the internet. You are only charged when the end-user clicks on your display ad to be recaptured, and brought back to your website.

We at Unicus Interactive believe that a successful display campaign is not just about being seen, it’s about being seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right person who is interested in your products or services. For this, we create the right landing pages and run the campaigns for your brand to be visible online.

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