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Don’t panic when your rankings drop off the Search Engine

Don’t panic when your rankings drop off the Search Engine

What’s the first thing you do when ranking drops off the search engine radar? Do you wait a few days and calmly hope things will return to normal? Or do you reach for the keyword tools and claw in reams of new keyword-rich text in quiet desperation?


Of course, there could be any number of reasons why your ranking might drop – and the reality is, you may never find out exactly why. But here are a few top tips if your ranking plummet.


Waiting a while might be the best thing you can do. While the major engines are getting better than ever at ranking sites, fluctuations and algorithms shifts do occur. It could simply be that the search result is temporarily being delivered by another data server. If your exposure is still low for terms you previously ranked well for, double check your site’s structure,  usability, navigation and copy, and talk to your designers.


Look at your competition to see what they are doing differently, market trends, and evaluate who’s linking to you. A mix of questionable links might be harming your credibility. You could also ask SEO Specialist for site audit.


Ensure your site is free of anything resembling spammy text – consult Google’s webmaster Tools console. Upload the XML sitemap and look for any indexing errors that Google flags up.


Most importantly, monitor the changes you make and the impact they have, and use it to your advantage when there’s an upturn in your site’s search engine success. Once you’ve found a search engine “friendly” fix, stick with a template that works and iterate incrementally.

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