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Unicus Interactive creates experiences that solve enterprises’ most complex business challenges and real issues. Our experts in creative design, technology, strategy, and user experience have deep industry knowledge. They will understand your business problems and deliver to you a right solution that emphasizes clarity, usability and results. We blend the most sophisticated technologies and our knowledge to drive both efficiency and growth.

LabOn app judiciously picks the best health diagnostics labs around you and gets them deliver your health reports in time. The app helps users easily book tests, receive lab results and manage their health information in the comfort of their phone.

LabOn enables you to:

  • Schedule appointments with the best Diagnostics Service Centres nearby
  • You can order your test samples to be collected from your home or office
  • Get the reports delivered to you on phone or through post
  • Manage health records of yours and that of your family through your app
  • Get valuable insights into their personal health
  • Be prepared with critical health information for medical practitioners
  • Share medical information directly with physicians and specialists

With LabOn, people now have the power to instantly book, see, store and share essential health information easily and securely.


myWUN is a system for all. Young or old, Wealthy or Poor. Everyone has a need to better manage their documents, data, electronic real estate etc…. The myWUN portal allows you to do just that. By entering details in one place you can share them with those that need them, and at any time you can keep them updated.

myWUN believes it should be simple for you to keep track of all the various websites, database and organisations that hold your data and you should be able to see the information they hold and control how long they should hold it. myWUN is driving this, empowering the customer to control their information and is assisting organisations, small and large, to affect that change.

Waves strategy

Waves Strategy Advisors, believe that the market movements are structured and patterned in the form of recognizable and repeating “WAVES”.  Intermarket Analysis combination along with Waves help in increasing the odds in our favor. Forecasting future and the flux of emotions running through minds of millions at the time of trading is uncertain but not completely unpredictable.

Key Services:

  • Provide Quality & Customized Research reports covering varied asset across the globe
  • Provide intraday trading suggestions for Equity, Currency and Commodity markets
  • Risk Management advisory for firms exposed to Commodity & Currency fluctuations
  • Educate & train investors & public at large about systematic mode of investing & trading
Waulite Technologies

Waulite RCM (Remote Content Management) for digital signages is a service that gives you the convenience to monitor, verify, modify, archive and track your broadcast content worldwide with the help of internet wherever you are.

This solution minimizes your capital outlay and lowers your total cost and eliminates the hassle and cost of equipment maintenance.

It maintains high efficency while minimizing headcounts with the automated system.

Simply connect to Waulite RCM backend and be ready for 24/7 management of your contents anywhere across the globe.

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