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The computing world has changed forever with the advent of the cloud. Cloud gives developers access to infrastructure instantly, cheaply, and at nearly infinite scales.

Monolithic Application Models

Monolithic Application Models

The agility of cloud and high availability and constant agility demands of modern business have strained monolithic architectures and resulted in the rise of micro services-based applications. With a comprehensive Microservices platform, developers can create applications that support massive scale with high performance, high availability, cost effectiveness and independent life-cycle management, across public clouds and private clouds. Microservices are an application revolution powered by the cloud.

However, many companies are finding that making their applications highly available, scalable and agile is still challenging. Competitive business pressures demand that applications continuously evolve, adding new features and functionality while remaining available 24×7. For example, it is no longer acceptable for a bank website to have a maintenance window, whereas even a few years ago it was the norm. Similarly, an e-commerce site that’s down for even a short time will drive customers to one of many competitors that can serve them at that moment. Failure to meet these demands can mean the difference between staying relevant and losing business.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture

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