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Hybrid Cloud Solution Myth

Hybrid Cloud Solution Myth

Hybrid cloud is pretty much a BUZZ word so people are saying some smart things about “Hybrid Cloud” Analyst are saying some smart things about Hybrid Cloud. When it comes to these buzz words for me it is always like you might remember good old service oriented architecture days everyone is taking about “SOA” and everyone is talking completely different in reality. So i think to do with these kind of buzz word is to put together a clear picture on how i look at Hybrid Cloud.


Though it looks and sounds bit complex but it is very simple at the end of the day.

Unicus Interactive Hybrid Cloud

So when you look at today’s cloud environment you have two kind of extreme i would say, you can run all and everything in your own data centre in your own “Private Cloud” or you can run all and everything in the “Public Cloud” and both have advantages and disadvantages. In the public cloud you have the economy of Scale and elasticity you can ad and remove resources as you need them and you pay for the resources that you are consuming etc.



For e.g. spinning 500 Machines with in 30 to 40 min is something little hard to achieve in Private Cloud so that is clearly and advantage of “Public Cloud” but at the same time whenever you start conversation around public cloud you have to think about aspect such as “compliance” “Privacy” etc.. So many aspect of your application and solutions there might be a blocking issue to put them into the public cloud, so you might have to stick with the other extreme line Private Could and do everything by yourself which is not so easy to manage.


Now Hybrid Cloud is all about combining those two world and build a solution that runs across both for e.g. if you have a service which is used by end-user through it public interface so you might have large amount of users that are using your service and for them “Hybrid Solution” looks no different which runs in “Public Cloud” or Private Cloud but in Private Cloud you distribute your services across two environment and integrate them to build a bigger and final solution.


Just want to highlight few misconception about Hybrid Cloud is not just about building few VPN tunnel and doing some infrastructure stuff there is more services you can leverage beyond Infrastructure. However infrastructure plays a role when it comes to specific scenarios and use cases in Hybrid Cloud when you combine Public Cloud and Private Cloud i.e. when you want to extend the infrastructure where in you want to deploy few server from your infrastructure to Azure and free up some resources from your data center then it make sense to follow traditional infrastructure driven approaches like VPN , Point to Site, Site to Site etc. But it not the only one think about distributed data processing where you have lot of data you store On-Premises but temporarily you put it into the cloud to benefit from aspect such as Machine Learning, HD Insight, Hadoop, Big Data  Clusters and processed in there and then you ship the results back to your Data center.


The second scenario / use case is about service oriented or API driven, where you have a set of API which is hosted on your on premises data center and you have some scalable website that run in public cloud and occasionally those websites need to call into your private cloud and call those API’s or web services. But you do not want to open up ports or Firewall just for this occasional calls.


Why Hybrid Cloud?

One customer whom I work with ran out of capacity in their own data center and they decided not to buy any new hardware and extend their data center with some resources running in the public cloud.


Another example would be about “Bust Loading” i.e. from time to time I need much more resources which I can’t effort in my Private Cloud.


In Big-Data scenario i was consulting for a new Start-Up in Detroit who was closely working with a large car manufacturer and they wanted to do some machine learning base analysis on the data which they collect about or from the cars so every cars collect lots of data and when you bring it to service  the car they grab that data and they do analysis and find out “Your driving style” and concluding from your driving style on how damaged your breaks will be and what the next service would cost etc. For doing this analysis they do not want to build up a Hadoop Cluster on premises instead do that analysis in the private could and bring back the result on premises. So essentially in an abstract way whenever you can benefit from the cost advantages as well as the elasticity and scalability that you can get from a public cloud you should consider it instead of just saying “NO”

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