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The idea of automatic conversations using technology appeals to lots of your brands and services. We deliver AI Chatbot for a Smarter Future.

With AI Augzoom, your workforce can think more intelligently which means that your enterprise can work more efficiently.

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White label end-to-end digital assistant solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

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How AI Chatbots beneficial to businesses?

Chatbots are now being made to ease the pain that the industries are facing today.The intent behind chat bots is to support and scale business teams within their relations with customers.Wouldn’t it be great when someone could ease your pain by helping you out 24*7 making your work easier and less hectic. Chatbots can perform exactly that !!

Below are the benefits of chatbots in business:

– Accessible anytime
– Handling Capacity
– Flexible attribute
– Customer Satisfaction
– Cost Effective
– Faster Onboarding
– Work Automation
– Alternate sales channel
– Personal Assistant

Which all Industries has the most to gain from Chatbots ?

Chatbots can be implemented across industries as they are capable of taking care of multiple services like customer care, complains and feedback, booking, searching, handling payment procedure etc. Thus chatbots can handle number of tasks in following Industries



Through Chatbot you can assistant customer for a particular model, compare models of choice and many more.


Banking & Insurance

If you want financial advices and similar services to take care of your client queries? Try our Chatbot.



AI Augzoom is the best chatbot when it comes to user experience for shopping online. Chatbots engage with customers.


Travel & Hospitality

Chatbot offer a better experience and assistance which is more than interaction with sale representative.



Chatbot will help students and parents to find tutors, trainers, coaching classes and training institutes near them.



Now by using our Chatbot the consumer can get all his issues sorted in one place rather than interacting with different department and people.



Chatbots provide healthcare consulation or medical support to patients as and when they required.


Human Resource

Chatbot helps HR team to engage with the employees. Using our chatbot you will improve the productivity of your organization.


Want to apply AI and chatbot to your business?

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